TEAM TAILS at Bigelow Community Challenge 2017

09/24/2017 09:00 AM - 11:30 AM ET


Southport, CT


We need your help - our spay/neuter resources have been cut by $4,100!  How can you help?  By joining TEAM TAILS!

     Join TEAM TAILS for a fabulous walk or run through scenic Southport - all while helping to save local animals by raising direly needed funds! TEAM TAILS members will be partaking in either a 2 mile, non-competitive walk, a run (5K/3.1mi race) or kids' races at the Bigelow Community Challenge on Sunday, September 24, 2017, starting at 9am (kids) or 10am (walk/run).  This is always a great event and one that TAILS has attended for the last 15+ years! 

     In addition to getting some exercise, a great TEAM TAILS shirt, and a fabulous goody bag - you get the warm and fuzzy feeling knowing YOU'VE MADE A DIFFERENCE with the funds you are asked to raise.  Though signing up with our TEAM is free, we do ask that you fundraise (forms provided) or simply make a donation of $85 at, or before, the event.  Why $85?  Because we can spay a cat with that amount - and save countless kittens from being born into a world where there already aren't enough homes! 

     We have been innundated with spay/neuter requests in 2017 - and with no State budget the chance of us renewing our long-running streak of being awarded 75 feral cat spay/neuter certificates through the State Grant Program was eliminated (that's $4,100 worth of spay/neutering!). 

     Each TEAM member makes a substantive impact and shows the importance of animals' lives through strength in numbers - so sign up now!


To register click here or on the Registration tab above - once you have signed up specific details will be sent including where to meet day-of, getting the FANTASTIC goody bag, details on the raffle at the race, start times, getting the shirts (you get a TAILS shirt AND a race shirt), etc. 

If you would like to make your donation ahead of time or have friends/family/coworkers send through a donation - you can do so by sending it to at  Thank you!