TAILS Gift Wrapping at Barnes & Noble - Westport

12/24/2017 12:45 PM - 06:30 PM ET


Westport, CT


What better way to spend Christmas Eve than helping raise funds to save animals? 

Come join our gift wrapping volunteers at Barnes & Noble in Westport during one of our two shifts (1245-330 or 3-6pmish) and get into the spirit of the season!  Giving back never felt so rewarding as everyone is in a jolly mood!

Barnes & Noble supplies everything we need - wrapping paper, scissors, tape, etc....we provide the nimble fingers!  This is a big fundraiser for us - with those couple of dollar donations which shoppers give us adding up quickly....but we only get donations if we have gift wrappers.  Can you help, please?

Register today and let us know you'll be giving the gift of life with your gift wrapping skills!  (It's books...nice, square/rectangular things to wrap - what could be easier (smile)?