Feral Cat Hut Creation! Creating warm places for outdoor kitties!

02/19/2018 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM ET


Norwalk, CT


What better way to celebrate President's Day than to help outdoor kitties!!  Okay, building feral cat huts doesn't sound glamorous - but it is SO important to the survival of cats who live outdoors which is why we are getting together at 1pm, Monday, February 19th, 2018, at the Petco in Norwalk located at 431 Westport Ave (across from Staples and Marshalls) to build more of these lifesaving dwellings.  NO SKILLS NECESSARY!! 

Without these huts outdoor cats are exposed to freezing temperatures and literally freeze to death if they don't find somewhere to go for shelter.  These huts are made from unwanted regular and/or styrofoam coolers - the same thing that keeps your beverages and food cool in the summer - - keeps cats warm in the winter by retaining their body heat and shielding them from the cold weather elements.  We have spay/neutered a lot of outdoor cats - and not all of them have had feral huts and we want to provide them - plus we routinely give them to feral cat caretakers from all over who need them. (People have come for our huts from Naugatuck, Bristol and lots of other areas at all hours of the evening to help their outdoor kitties stay warm).  It's just too cold for them to survive against the elements without shelter.

To be clear - we build these huts and hand them out for FREE to cat caretakers....we want every cat who needs one, to have one. We have made and handed out approximately 70 of these huts so far.

Thank you very, very much!